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The Fastest Way to a Better Job

Are you looking for answers to any of the following questions?

How do I find and get in front of positions not advertised on the internet or with a recruiter?

Why am I struggling so much with my search—previous searches went much smoother?

How do I get my resume to the people who can hire me, emailing is not working?

How is my resume being received, is it the right type and does it have the right keywords?

I’ve had interviews but haven’t been hired yet—is there something I’m doing wrong?

How can I stand out with so much competition in the marketplace?

Do you subscribe to the idea “it’s not what, but who you know?”

Are you actively trying to get to know, the people who are in the know?”

Do you need help “getting your foot in the door?”

For over 23 years our firm has thrived by combining unique job search approaches, with a network of real contacts to help you get noticed. We offer in-depth personal career management advice and expertise while acting as a Proactive Agent, rolling up our shirtsleeves and getting to work. Our outreach efforts in the search and vast network of contacts—combined with the most effective career management tools and technologies are the reasons we have one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Whether you are employed or not, job search time can be scarce and making the most of your efforts is critical. It makes a significant difference having your own personal Career Agent and Coach to work alongside you to drive the effort forward. Notus is the only Career Management firm that actually participates in the search going beyond coaching, tools, game planning, marketing materials and related help—adding the key ingredient of DirectConnect™ outreach efforts.

Because we specialize in working with executives and professionals in all industries and at all levels, chances are we can help you. Why not give us a call to find out what Notus Human Capital – CM can do for you?

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