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Corporate Productivity & Hiring Insight Sessions and Program Implementation

If the average cost of hiring and training an entry-level employee is $8,000 and if employees are the lifeblood of your organization—it’s simply too costly to make mistakes in the hiring process, especially when many of these decisions could have been avoided.

All organizations must compete to find the best talent for their business. With Notus HC, you’ll have a competitive edge in how well you secure, retain and leverage your human capital. Notus – HC is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most effective training to help your organization become more productive and make the best selections of personnel for your company. We base our program material on proven hiring and screening principles and concepts that work in harmony with your organizational goals, mission statement and core values.

Notus’ Productivity Consultants will partner with you to customize a training and coaching solution that helps your organization find the best talent possible – and then bring out the best in them.


A Sample of Some of the Hiring Series Insight Sessions and Training Topics:

Finding Great Candidates (a Marketing Approach to Hiring)

Fix or Fire (How to Make It Work and When You Can’t)

Hiring Secrets (Effectively Matching the Job to the Person and the Person to the Job.

Effectively Negotiating Job Offers

Successful Screening and Interviewing

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