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Notus Human Capital is an industry leader and innovator in career management, outplacement, talent sourcing, organizational and workforce development. The foundation of our Human Capital resources and expertise comes from our unique contact network. The NotusNetwork of Executives and Professionals is a resource with exceptional reach into a vast and deep array of talent in all industries, at all professional levels and from across the globe. No other Human Capital organization brings businesses and individuals together in quite the same way.



Working with Notus OP to assist with your organization’s outplacement needs has always been a smart business move for companies needing to remain nimble, flexible and proactive. How well your company adapts to market conditions and how it treats its employees during such times is critical. Part of competing in today’s marketplace is a constant assessment of workforce effectiveness. In times when circumstances call for employee separation, our outplacement services help ease, streamline and simplify the process.


Compelling Outplacement Benefits

Makes the Termination Process Easy

The separation of employees from your company is greatly facilitated by Notus OP Services, taking on a very professional, positive and humane tone.

Rapid and Smooth Transition to Outplacement Services

Through our expert remote servicing capabilities and using the latest communication technologies, Notus makes contact with your exiting employees immediately to quickly engage them in moving forward and driving them in a positive direction. No appointment is necessary, nor is there a schedule to fit into or wait for. No visit to an inconvenient location – we bring our services to them.

Multiple Adverse Effects Minimized

Our proactive process of engaging exiting employees quickly means they will be much less likely to do “collateral damage”, such as taking or disclosing trade secrets, turning off current and potential customers and especially disrupting employee morale and productivity. Your company will not only be seen by employees as “doing the right thing,” but will take heart knowing they too will be treated with fairness, sending a clear message that your company is committed to them whether staying or leaving.

Positive PR Maximized / Exposure to Litigation Reduced

Using Notus OP gives a positive perception that employment with your company contributes to the health of the community and economy. In the same way, a dissatisfied customer tells 8-10 others about poor service – dissatisfied employees tell others in the community, potentially damaging future hiring and reputation. Because Notus OP quickly addresses the psychology of separation—managing attitudes and behaviors in positive, proactive ways—former employees are less likely to sue, be disgruntled or “get back” at the company.

Unemployment Tax Exposure Minimized / Quality Assured

Finding employment in a shorter period of time decreases draw on unemployment reserves and over time, reduces liability. Notus OP drives the effort to seek work instead of “waiting for unemployment to run out.” We have the fastest “jobbed” rate in our industry – cutting the average time of unemployment by 50% (*Based on Wall Street Journal Job Search Averages). Our proven programs are able to help individuals obtain more, and higher quality opportunities. You can trust the Notus


What is the Notus OP Difference?

Personalization, Participation, and People


We are the only Outplacement firm that does not approach the process from a minimalist standard – namely pushing through the maximum amount of people with the fewest amount of resources. It may be more profitable, but it does little for the success of the individual. Oliver Goldsmith famously said “People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy after.” We know that success in a job search is more likely, when an individual has a coach model a principle or technique with them. Having someone on their side specifically addressing their individual concerns and issues, makes all the difference.


We are the only Outplacement firm that actually helps in the job search. Others are content to teach large group sessions on “how to write a resume” – we actually write the resume and marketing materials. While others present breakout sessions on “how to conduct a successful job search” – we roll-up our shirt-sleeves and
do it. We help with reach-out efforts, brokering networking meetings and otherwise getting the most out of the process.


We are the only Outplacement firm that utilizes a warm contact pool. Reaching out to companies and individuals is a part of every job search and while others may provide a list of companies pulled from a database, only Notus OP has the NotusNetwork™ of personal contacts to directly assist the individual in their efforts.

Companies who choose Notus OP to deliver Outplacement services care not just about providing a service – but about the ROI for the company and the individual of those services. Know that your confidence is well placed and that the personalized nature of what we do, the efforts we make and the people we know, will make the key difference in helping your displaced and downsized employees.

Notus vs. Other Outplacement
Notus Other
Personal coaching, information sessions and agent-like participation in the search Group coaching and workshops with random representatives to assist – web / 800#
Writing the resume and other marketing documents for the client Teaching how to write resume and other documents
Access to the NotusNetwork™ of contacts. Access to a database of unknown contacts
Ongoing support until position is secured 1, 3 or 6 month limited engagements


Executive and Professional Outplacement Service Overview

A traditional OP program is structured as follows, but is not limited, and also may not include, the following:


Stage One – Launch / Charting Your Course / Marketing Materials – (Initial Discussions, Orientation and Focusing / Creating Marketing Material)

We assign a team of professionals who work with each individual throughout the search. The team is directed by a Career Manager/Agent who acts as a Project Manager – establishing a game plan, generating leads, coordinating, scheduling, reinforcing skills, troubleshooting issues, answering questions, etc. The first step is to orient each individual to their respective service to ensure an understanding of the process. Information is gathered to clarify career objectives – then determine assets, strengths and work experience to enhance the candidacy. After identifying potential options, we’ll zero in on the most ideal scenarios and get to work. With a clear direction, the search will be optimized and targeted to the areas that make the greatest impact and have the highest chance of success. Being successful in the search starts with superior marketing documents. Notus OP immediately begins the process of developing a professionally written resume(s) and additional marketing letters to ensure a strong start. With millions of resumes in circulation it is critical to capture the best elements of background, skills and potential – written in a way that will attract serious attention.

Stage Two – Casting Your Net™ (Implementing Marketing Strategy)

The next phase of the process, now that the targeting has been completed, is the work of implementing the most effective strategies that yield the fastest results. We’ll create targeted pools of contacts, companies and opportunities and actively identify the high value and strategic contacts associated therein. Our focus is to readily access the unadvertised job market and connect with decision-makers through the proven Notus 5™ Marketing Channels. Active participation by Notus OP with current and past clients ensures a more robust pool of opportunities to pursue, thereby increasing speed of search and overall satisfaction.

Stage Three – Docking Your Ship™ (Interviewing and Negotiation)

As interviews begin to be generated, we’ll prepare each individual with our interviewing and negotiating information, techniques and strategies – including mock interviews and one-on-one coaching. Individuals will be effective in promoting themselves and negotiating a good job offer.

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