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Notus Human Capital is an industry leader and innovator in career management, outplacement, talent sourcing, organizational and workforce development. The foundation of our Human Capital resources and expertise comes from our unique contact network. The NotusNetwork™ of Executives and Professionals is a resource with exceptional reach into a vast and deep array of talent in all industries, at all professional levels and from across the globe. No other Human Capital organization brings businesses and individuals together in quite the same way.


For nearly two decades Notus ER has utilized its extensive experience and expertise across all industries and at all levels to help secure the most talented people – in the shortest possible time. We source, assess, recruit, develop and engage the best and brightest for our corporate clients. We are an invaluable partner in helping improve the performance of the organization by responding to ever-changing marketing conditions and capitalizing on emerging business opportunities. We can play an active role in strategically mobilizing and sizing workforce needs – while minimizing turnover and maintaining a high degree of productivity. We pledge to support our clients and business associates with honesty, integrity and professional excellence.

What is the Notus – ER Difference?

To appreciate what makes us different it’s important to first understand the NotusNetwork™. Since our inception, Notus HC has been building a contact network based on the power of “it’s who you know”. We knew the greatest value to the organization and its clients would come from the relationships that we made and kept. We’ve been cultivating and growing a network of people made up of current and past clients, along with business contacts and organizational partners. The result is a strong Notus HC family of connections that are fiercely loyal and motivated to continue its growth and reach. In every endeavor, whether assisting a career management or outplacement client in their job search or finding the perfect fit for a client company, the NotusNetwork™ is key to our success. Sourcing candidates through our connections is only one of the ways the NotusNetwork™ helps us find potential talent for our client companies. Another way is by giving Notus Recruiting partners access. When recruiters begin looking for candidates – they usually start by going to a job board and searching resumes by keyword. However, if their client company asks that the individual still be employed as part of the criteria, the recruiter is at a real disadvantage (mostly unemployed people post resumes). Giving Partner Recruiters access to our NotusNetwork™ connects them to a whole world of higher quality, gainfully employed candidates they otherwise wouldn’t have – helping them fill positions faster. In return, Notus retains the recruiters’ loyalty and is able to utilize additional recruitment resources and contacts to assist with our client company’s talent needs.

Our Process

Notus ER has developed a proprietary recruitment and sourcing process that has been proven effective time and time again. Our success comes from having a deep knowledge of the client’s business. We invest significant time to thoroughly understand a client’s industry, market, competitors, culture, strategy and relevant business imperatives for the role. Performing this work allows us to more effectively find and recommend the right person. Our Principals have extensive backgrounds in understanding company culture, intimate knowledge of local, regional and national markets and, most importantly, have a proven track record of helping build strong organizations through talent acquisition.

We engage clients on a retained or contingency basis and work with corporations of all sizes and industry sectors. We offer a variety of search options that can be customized to meet each client’s recruitment needs. Likewise, our fees are highly competitive and based on the level of service needed.

Retainer – Executive Search

The Retainer option is used primarily when a position must be filled within a specific period of time. We provide an extended guarantee and executive candidates are presented to you on an exclusive basis. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews.

Engagement – Executive Search

The Engagement option is for high-priority positions and is typically utilized for Director and above positions that demand a discrete process. An engagement fee is required to begin the search, with the final payment due upon the candidate’s start date. We guarantee an agreed-upon number of in-person interviews and provide a limited replacement guarantee.

Exclusive – Executive Search

The Exclusive option is for high-priority positions and is typically utilized for sales, marketing and middle- management staffing needs. An engagement fee is NOT required to begin the search, however, we prefer, and in some cases require, a 90-day exclusive with no other recruiting firms working on the assignment. Payment is only due with the completion of the search assignment.

Contingency – Executive Search

A Contingency executive search may be used for ongoing openings. Payment is due upon the candidate’s start date and there is a limited replacement guarantee.

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