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“Successful people control their emotions and channel them in productive ways. The unsuccessful are victims of their impulses. The secret then, is learning how to prevent yourself from making permanently stupid decisions, because of temporary emotions”.

Rhett Kasparian, CEO, Notus Human Capital

Every day, newspaper headlines and Internet posts tell the stories of individuals who commit career suicide by acting in irresponsible and destructive ways. Their impulsivity hurts not only themselves and their families but the companies that employed them – leaving a trail of financial and human wreckage. In today’s business climate more and more companies are taking steps to address these issues – before they become problems. It’s not only advisable, but imperative for companies to act proactively in order to avoid the negative financial, brand, and public relations issues generated by low EQ employees and build an organizational culture based on a foundation of Emotional Intelligence.

Smart organizations are waking up to the reality that hiring and or training-up employees to high EQ is a more important predictor of success and long-term marketplace viability.

Second Top Nike Executive Departs Amid Complaints of Workplace Behavior

“Emotional Intelligence is rarer than book smarts, but more important in the making of a leader. You just can’t ignore it.”

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

It’s time to future-proof your company by ensuring your leadership team and customer-facing
employees are not only trained, but certified and skilled in the art of Emotional Intelligence.

Welcome to EQ U

NHC created “Future-proof” Emotional Intelligence training from their experiences coaching, writing
and experimenting with over 9000 clients over a 24-year period. We have a unique take, perspective
and application of the success principles grounded in Emotional Intelligence.

We’ve worked on the front lines helping Doctors with their bedside manner, Executives with their
management style, Salespeople with relationship building, and Job seekers with self-awareness,
developing a kind of “EQ triage” to addresses the issues most directly (negatively) affecting them
and their organization. This ability to radically and quickly affect needed change is why EQ U has
become known as the definitive EI/EQ certification program.

EQ U goes beyond the traditional testing that provides only superficial and anecdotal information and
immerses the individual in a unique and practical “modeling” style of learning. This is Emotional Intelligence in the “real world”. Our program more effectively brings concepts to life and wraps them in an emotional charge. This charge acts as a catalytic that ignites their application – and it’s only when they’re actually applied can they bring about the needed change and drive meaningful and lasting results.

Who should become certified?

Executives, leaders, and professionals prone to impulsivity.

Job Seekers looking to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

Sales professionals looking to forge lasting, profitable relationships.

Corporate trainers or those looking to be their organizations “go-to” EQ expert.

Career & Life Coaches, Marriage and Family Counselors, Business Consultants.

Those with a solid EI foundation but desire “next level” training.

There are three levels of certification – similar to Six Sigma

Black Hat is the highest level of certification, followed by Brown and White Hat respectively.

Join the thousands of Executives, Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Sales and Customer-facing
teams, Doctors and other professionals who’ve engaged in our ground-breaking approach. Our
proprietary material and methodology have been licensed and used by Career and Life Coaches, Business
Consultants, Marriage and Family Counselors, Education and Religious Institutions.

We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the program, having certified thousands of happy professionals. It’s simply one of the best investments you or your organization can make.

The program framework includes:

 Identifying known and unknown “Bugs” (the single greatest contributor to a low EQ), understanding root cause and triggers, and applying hacks to contain and eliminate them.

 Learning how to apply a “Why” perspective for greater individual and organizational success.

 Implementing the law of 1% improvement to help you become the best you can be.

 Shifting from an employee to an employer mindset (the power of personal responsibility).

 Improving personal competence through greater self-awareness and self-management.

 Increasing social competence through greater social-awareness and relationship management.

 Learning how to proactively neutralize natural triggers by utilizing visual cues and reminders.

 Cultivating an environment where feedback is sought out and treated as a gift.

 Recognizing the compounding ripple effects of our actions and how to Live the Moment –
transforming moments from ordinary into extraordinary.

 Implementing game-changing EI hacks and tools to solidify new mindset and ensure lasting change.